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Strong People Stand up for Themselves

But Stronger People Stand up for Others

Life can be unpredictably predictable. What does this mean? Many of the trials we face are storms that we saw coming. Nevertheless, we hoped that the tempests would either pass us by or hit us at later dates. Storms come when they are sent, so we can’t always decide when they’re coming; we can only decide how we’ll react when they arrive.

Countless individuals are currently nursing guilty consciences. Victims and perpetrators alike are in an invincible position in our society; they suffer in silence. While the situations of these people seem hopeless, it is important for them to know that there are people who want to help. My name is Lenola Allen, and I am one of those people.

I am an  Assistant Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Nevertheless Positive Relationships Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I completed a BSc. (Hons) in Psychology, and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Applications of Psychology. I provide a variety of services designed to help people get back on their feet. These includes Skype, Phone, Group Therapy, Counselling and 1-1 interventions. 

My clients are mostly women who are Single, Married, Separated, Widowed and Divorced. I also help individuals who are suffering from Mental Health issues like Anxiety, Depression, Neurodevelopmental Disorder, Bereavement, Sleep Wake Disorder, Dementia, Eating Disorders and many more.

With 1-1 life coaching, you will be encouraged, and uplifted. Additionally, my meeting sessions aren’t just for people who are ‘going through storms’; they are also for those who want to see a change in their lives.

Browse my website to learn more about what I offer. For general enquiries, feel free to contact me via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you and getting an opportunity to change your life for the better.

My Qualifications

  • HNC in Business and Finance
  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology
  • Masters in Clinical Applications of Psychology

About Me/My Mission

Thank you for visiting my website. I want you to know a little bit more about my background, my vision and my project. My services are for men and women in need of encouragement.

As a Spiritual coach, I teach the Kingdom of God,  the Process of Entering the Kingdom of God, and how to seek the Kingdom of God and live righteously as Kingdom Citizens according to Matthew 6:33. ‘But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you’.

My passion is to shine the spotlight where it belongs—on Christ and those who serve Him. As a believer in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, I know how important it is to ascribe credits to God. Therefore, I prayed about the name God wanted me to use for my new vision and decided on the name Nevertheless Positive Relationships.

My passion for seeing and helping people recover from adverse situations throughout the earth compelled me to build this website to fulfil my vision.

This motivated me to pursue my vision and extend it by offering Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Services, combined with Spiritual Interventions. My mission is to change the behaviour of the people I serve and improve their quality of life using the above-mentioned interventions.

Psychological Background

If you are stressed, lonely, anxious, depressed or low in mood, I offer encouragements, interventions tailored to the needs of individuals and presentations on various psychological disorders with support from other professional counsellors.

Nevertheless Positive Relationships, Ltd. was founded in 2017. This vision initially started as a house-to-house and telephone-counselling ministry that involved me visiting individuals in my community and offering services of encouragement voluntarily, this service started during my teenage to adult life.

Having experienced counselling my family members and friends, I became aware that most individuals have a history or nature of relationship breakdowns. I was able to help these people become resilient in the face of their respective situations.

I provided them with advice towards their wellness and recovery, and I offered prevention based on my Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding that I gained from reading counselling and psychology books and based on my background experiences of being married and divorced.

The above experiences motivated me to research on the keys to successful living during adverse situations. These experiences motivated me to pursue my first and second degrees at Staffordshire University: a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business and Finance and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology.

Not long after I continued pursuing a MSc In Clinical Applications of Psychology at Birmingham University, I  stopped house-to-house ministry. With motivation from successful Entrepreneurs from my University and encouragement from the Enterprise Department, I decided to launch out from the embryonic stage of my vision to fulfil my potential.

I rented a community hall so the project could have 1-1 and group sessions to help emotionally challenged individuals become resilient, provide prevention for mental health issues and promote mental health in a range of community settings with wider professional health partners.

Business Vision

Stoke-on-Trent is a City where all people affected by or at risk of Mental Health problems can improve their well-being and overall quality of life through access to appropriate high-quality interventions per person. 

This project aims to change an individual’s behaviour (e.g. from smoking to not smoking and from not going to gym to going to the gym) by providing a range of counselling services delivered by an assisted team of dedicated professionals who offer a range of services designed to:  

  • Aid Recovery
  • Help People Suffering From Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Encourage Social Change and Delivery Value to Members Through Information Support and Service to Our Clients by Offering Services Such as            Psychotherapy, Behavioural Change, Counselling and Support through Spiritual Interventions

All counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and/or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and work to their ethical guidelines.


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